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Most of our clients have a hard time accessing credit because they do not have credit history, are unable to build credit, have bad credit, or lack the financial education to maintain it. WEDI’s designation as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) makes us a trusted leader in the community, helping entrepreneurs gain the knowledge, skills, and network to build successful, sustainable businesses and lead thriving lives. 

WEDI’s Microloans program is tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs seeking small amounts of capital ($500-$20,000) who lack access to traditional financial institutions. WEDI is the only lender in Buffalo offering capital to our target population, who might otherwise consider borrowing from predatory lenders. WEDI provides extensive pre-loan assistance and financial education/coaching to entrepreneurs and partners with other regional CDFIs such as Pursuit and PathStone Enterprise Center to offer larger participation or expansion loans to clients who require greater amounts of capital. These partnerships have helped create a pipeline for previously unbankable micro-enterprises to access financing from banks.


Have a question about Microloans? Our Frequently Asked Questions may help.

Interested in applying for a Microloan for your business? Fill out our form and you will be contacted by a staff member to discuss our loan program and application process.

Still have questions? Please contact Economic Development Director Lou Hall at (716) 393-2860 or

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