Your gift has an impact, whatever the amount.

Your donation will go directly to empowering economically disadvantaged people through our business and education programs. Let's transform our community by providing opportunity and reducing unnecessary barriers to access!



$25 - can empower two impoverished families to start on their journey of owning a business at the West Side Bazaar and becoming leaders in their community

$25 - can jump-start a refugee child's English-language learning with a day of FLY programming

$50 - can provide one entrepreneur with two training sessions to start a business

$75 - can provide four enrichment activities for the ENERGY program

$100 - can fund a microloan, providing the vital capital necessary for disadvantaged entrepreneurs to start and grow their business

$250 - can revitalize a business district through assisting in the startup of a new business, creating up to 3 jobs

$1,000 - can incubate a business for two and a half months at the Bazaar


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