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WEDI’s Small Business Development program offers assistance to both existing and potential small business owners in the area. We provide a comprehensive model for generating wealth for motivated individuals through the creation or expansion of a small business.


Our program is unique in its ability to provide a broad range of services, utilizing existing community resources when available. This unique process molds programming to each participant. Based on individual need, our services can include:

  • Micro-financing

  • Microenterprise incubation

  • Financial literacy training

  • Specialized retail training

  • Business mentoring

  • Business technical assistance

Some of WEDI's business technical assistance topics include the following: forming a business plan, accessing financing/capital, managing a business, human resources/managing employees, customer relations, bookkeeping/business accounting, tax planning, marketing & sales, government/legal/regulatory navigation, government contracting, franchising, buying or selling a business, technology, eCommerce, and more! WEDI is able to support businesses within nearly every industry, please Contact Us for specific inquiries regarding our ability to serve you and your business.

Through partnerships with local organizations and program mentors, who work with clients individually, WEDI is able to provide a wide array of services and resources. Some of WEDI's partner organizations include:

We also host workshops with interpreters and address cultural differences in business practices to reduce accessibility barriers. If you are interested in learning more about business or want help starting or expanding your business, please apply below.



WEDI has played a powerful role in helping start or expands small businesses in Buffalo. Check out our Economic Development page for the overall program impact. We look forward to providing a list of some of the businesses that we've supported soon!

The West Side Bazaar is WEDI's small business incubator and an ongoing WEDI project. Businesses currently in the West Side Bazaar include:

You can also support our West Side Bazaar graduates at their locations in Buffalo: