New Look, Same Heart: WEDI's Refreshed Brand Identity


As WEDI celebrates its 15th birthday in 2021, we are proud to unveil a refreshed brand identity. WEDI has evolved from its modest beginnings in the Westminster Presbyterian Church into a mature, professional organization that is recognized throughout the region for its unique and effective programming, deep ties to the community, and dynamic ability to meet unexpected challenges. WEDI’s refreshed logo and language reflect these qualities. WEDI is undertaking an ambitious expansion of the West Side Bazaar and restructuring the organization to focus resources on what we do best: supporting underserved students and entrepreneurs in Western New York to succeed and thrive.

The refreshed WEDI logo expresses brand qualities such as hopefulness, strength, and commitment.

Upward Movement.png

An upward movement, as incorporated in the new WEDI “i,” is a commonly understood visual gesture for growth and success. The round dot over the “i” gives the now sharper outline of the base a more “human” character.

Color Pallete.png
WEDI_Economic Development1.png

The main color has been updated to a more cheerful and positive green, which pays homage to the original logo while making a bold statement that reflects WEDI’s new, more mature identity. We also extended the palette to include colors that represent our two focus areas: Education and Economic Development.



Icons for Education and Economic Development echo the logo’s upward movement. The clusters of three express concepts like community and collaboration.


Dynamic: WEDI is nimble and responsive, marshalling our passion and network of resources to address unmet needs and unexpected crises.

Compassionate: WEDI meets individuals where they are and tailors systems and services to be humanistic and accessible.

Equitable: WEDI fights to break down barriers created by generations of systemic injustice by providing access to educational and financial resources that are typically off-limits to marginalized communities.

Inclusive: WEDI ensures that marginalized residents have the skills and resources to participate fully in the local economy, celebrates the richness of their lived experience, and provides a platform for sharing their diverse cultures.

Collaborative: WEDI partners with other providers to ensure there is no duplication of services and actively integrates the viewpoints and expertise of all constituents.

WEDI sought input from a variety of internal and external stakeholders including staff, board, clients, strategic partners, and funders when developing our refreshed brand identity.