Your donation has IMPACT!

$25 a month can jump-start a refugee child's English-language learning with four weeks of ENERGY after-school programming each year

$25 a month can provide four hours of financial capability to a business owner

$50 a month can empower 50 impoverished families to start on their journey of owning a business at the Bazaar and becoming leaders in their community each year

$50 a month can support the FLY after-school program to help middle-school English-Language Learners succeed academically through project-based learning 

$75 a month can provide enrichment activities for the entire, school-year ENERGY Literacy for Children program

$75 a month can fund a microloan, providing vital capital necessary for disadvantaged entrepreneurs to start and grow their business

Or contribute what you can! Any amount makes a difference in WEDI's ability to implement our mission. 

*Please note that you do not require a PayPal account in order to donate. Please disregard the "Create your PayPal Account" section*